I believe we should thrive not just survive. When life is messy it's time to get real and make something good out of life's unwelcome challenges. I do my best to love, encourage, and support all the people in my life.


Who writes this stuff?

Me, Ann.

Me, Ann.


Who is Ann you may ask and that is a difficult question...

I am a nurse and I have worked in Cardiology, labour & delivery and now tele triage. I seem to be drawn to birth and death. I love my profession and cannot imagine doing anything else.

I grew up in Ontario, Canada...

My parent's marriage was over before I was born. My parents actually separated when our landlady died. My dad remarried when I was 19...I found out that my dad had been with this woman for 21 years at his wedding.  I am the third of three children. I used to think that nothing could ever be normal for me. I think my life is more normal now than it ever has been. But then again what is normal?

My dad is married to a wonderful woman that I have happily known my whole life. I happily call her my step mother. She has four children of her own and they are quite a bit older than me.

My mom was an amazing woman with a hard life. She was the third of seven children, struggled with mental illness, stuttered and never remarried after my dad. She poured her life into her children. She was diagnosed with ALS and died a year later in 2001.

I love reality tv.

I love my ipod touch.

I love hanging out with friend's, going out for coffee and going to movies. I love sunshine, laughter, camp fires, travel, hanging out with my kids at the pool, park, skating, going to the beach and look forward to going camping with them. I love Winnipeg. Winnipeg represents happiness, good friendships, good times and lots of sunshine. 

David (husband, contributor)

David (husband, contributor)


I am hopeless romantic. I met the love of my life when I was 22 years old although I never thought that I would catch this wonderful man. I truly saw this man across a crowded church. The beginning years started as a friendship. We finally got together six months before he was transferred out to Calgary and I was in my third year of nursing at the University of Manitoba. I followed him nearly two years later after I finished my degree. He proposed to me five years after we started dating. We got married three and a half months later.

We took advantage of being childless and travelled to Disney Land with some other couples, Bali and then Europe. I was five months pregnant with Zachary when we went to England, France, Spain, and Italy. It was an amazing summer.

Jack, Gabe, Zach, Maddie (inspiration)

Jack, Gabe, Zach, Maddie (inspiration)

Our Kids

Together, David and I parent four wonderful but complicated children! Zach our eldest has autism, loves movies, playing his nintendo dsi and watching my ipod touch. Maddie is short for Madeline and she has orangey red hair and loves princesses, loves to dance and loves to draw. Jack has a lot of allergies, has a speech delay, hardly ever sleeps, likes to hump things and is just all around complicated. Gabriel or Gabe for short is a wonderful delight and a wonderful baby after the complicated Jack.