Zach's Birth Story

My first pregnancy was great. I had a little bit of morning sickness when I was working nights but it is hardly worth mentioning. My pregnancy was going so well that I didn't book off any time prior to my expected due date.

At 37 weeks I had an internal exam and my doctor told me that I would likely go into labour in the next week or at the longest ten days. I loved being pregnant and was wanting to make as much money as I could so I was hoping for the ten days. I left the doctor's office and I cried. We weren't ready yet so I immediately went shopping so we had enough clothes just in case.

I had just heard about so many women going way overdue and even needing to be induced and having long long labors. I had never talked to my mom about her labours so I had no idea of what to expect.

I was working nights on the cardiology unit and I was in charge with new staff. The one nurse with a good amount of experience was stuck in our telemetry-heart monitoring room so she really needed to stay in the unit. The great staff on the unit were just new to this unit.

I was really hoping that if I was going to kick into labour, it wouldn't be this night with the new staff. The staff on the weekend were veterans when it came to nursing and would have been better off. However the staffing on nights was pretty sparse so we really needed all the staff we had.

So of course babies never come when things are ideal. I went into work on a Tuesday evening and I felt great. No signs of labour. My only complaint was an aching wrist that I had never had before. I was doing the four o'clock round a little late 4:15 am to make sure all of the patients were breathing and three quarters of the way around, my water broke.

I felt something so I scooted off to the bathroom. I made it to the bathroom and there was the trickle. I always thought it would be a gush but Zach was so low in my pelvis that his head was like a cork. Now the question...was this my water? In our prenatal class we were told to put a pad on and check to see how long it took the pad to get wet. After the initial trickle, I started to have contractions seven minutes apart. I walked to the supply room to get a pad and then I went to the other bathroom to put it on. Did I need to go down to the labour and delivery unit right away?

I went to sit down at the main desk to contemplate what I should do. Rachel, one of the nurses on the unit saw my distressed look and she asked me what was going on. I informed her. I then went into the telemetry unit to let Dawn know so she was calling the Labour and Delivery unit to ask what I should do?

Before she even had an answer, I was convinced that I needed to go because my contractions were pretty intense. Dawn was asking me if I needed help to go down to the labour and delivery unit but I was quite fine to just go on my own. By the time I got down three flights of stairs, my contractions were four minutes apart.

I spent almost the entire time in triage by myself. The labour and delivery nurse thought I was a first time mom so she likely thought I would be hours. She offered me medication but I was really surprised that she was offering me medication so early. I think I was in denial.

I was so worried about the unit upstairs. In between contractions I was calling Dave. Wouldn't you know it, it was the only night of the week that he had forgotten to take the phone into the bedroom and he had the fan on so he couldn't hear the phone. Dawn was also trying to call Dave for me as well. To complicate things, I had our one and only car at work.

The nurse returned to see how I was doing. It was nearing six now and my contractions were getting really hard now. I told the nurse that I was really uncomfortable and if I was only three centimeters dilated I may need something for pain. I was quite annoyed that I was in bed and I just wanted to get into the shower and/or get out of bed. The nurse was agreeable to check me so we would know where I was at. To my surprise and for the nurse's surprise (the nurse that checked me) I was eight to nine centimeters dilated. She stepped up the urgency to get my husband to the hospital. My dear friend Dawn, bless her heart, was working extra hard for me. She thankfully had a student nurse that she was able to send to my place with Dawn's car. The student nurse woke Dave up and brought him to the hospital.

I practically walked to the next room after they put in my IV for antibiotics. I needed antibiotics because my internal showed that I was positive for group B strep. I started to push as soon as I was moved to the next room.

Dave arrived at about 6:40am while I was pushing. I sensed that he was uncertain with what his role should be at this point. He states that he was super relaxed after a great night sleep.

At 7:00, the doctor makes a remark about wanting to leave because it was the end of his shift. I unfortunately got my doctor that I had been seeing during my pregnancy. I really didn't like him at all but didn't switch doctors because I couldn't pinpoint what I didn't like about him. This delivery experience solidified my dislike for this man. I had an excellent nurse on shift that refused the doctor from leaving.

At 7:30 Zach was so low that the nurse was having a difficult time picking up Zach's heart rate at all. So the doctor did an episiotomy to assist with getting Zach out quickly. But of course he couldn't be a kind doctor with a slight cut to assist the birth, he did a massive cut. Dave wanted to say something but he didn't want to upset me. I wish he would have said something to the doctor. That episiotomy certainly caused me grief including opening up again and difficulty healing. Stupid doctor!

But my pain was over and like a good nurse, I had a baby right at change of shift and even got paid for having Zach. He was a beautiful baby boy. Wow! Full labour and delivery in three hours fifteen minutes. Who knew that when I went into work that last evening that I would have a baby at the end of my shift?