Doing Something for Myself

Why is it so difficult to do something for myself? Would it have anything to do with working full time? Working and working which takes me away from my children. So when I'm off work, I not only want to be with them, I feel the need to be with them.

So I have joined a book club for myself. The book club meets approximately twice a month. Unlike a lot of book clubs, we are meeting with the same five women and a psychologist. We are reading through one book.

Our first book club was a couple of weeks ago. Seems like a great bunch of women. The psychologist challenged me to make a plan to do something for myself ie. Going for a walk for thirty minutes. But if thirty minutes is too long, make it twenty or even ten or even five minutes. Set yourself up for success.

I guess the thing that I find challenging is how five minutes can be really rejuvenating. I have been lacking for so long that I feel like I am running on a deficit. So when you have a deficit, does it take more just to get on an even keel again? Someday, somehow I need to do something to get balanced.