China-and no I don't mean the country

My mom had a hope chest that was never even touched. My aunt that recently died was keeping it at her house for my mom. Likely because my mom didn't have any room to store her china.

So now my cousin is wanting to rent out her house and does not have the room to store it any longer.

So I've never been a china type person. We lived a pretty simple life and so I never grew an appreciation for fancier things. Sad or am I just a person with very simple taste? I think that I do have things that I like that are higher quality. There are very specific things that I don't like to skimp on the quality such as higher ticket items.

I know some people that will buy a car but won't pay the little extra for some things that I feel are truly necessary. I think that air conditioning is a simple pleasure but truly necessary. I also don't see the point of saving the few dollars just to have a mire powerful engine? When you think about how much you pay for a car...why wouldn't you just pay the little extra for the power.

I don't know about you, but when I buy a car... I keep it for awhile. So I spend a little more for those perks. I am quite grateful that Dave thinks the same way but maybe it's gets us into trouble just a little bit.

So now back to the china....the choices are... Do I sell it? Do I hold on to certain pieces of the china? I feel like if I let it go, am I letting go of the dream my mom once had for her life?

Was she disappointed with the way things turned out or was it just different than the life that she was brought up to expect. My mom was also a very simple person. Had she collected the china because that was the thing to do? She had four sister's and so maybe that is what her sister's all did. One will never know now. Well, my mom's sister may know. I just might have to have a conversation with my aunt.

Decisions. Decisions.