The other day I was marveling at how many research studies we have been a part of.

Sibling study for Gabe, a higher risk child of having autism. Thankfully Gabe seems very typical but I'm now thinking about his speech again. When should we start the speech assessments?

Our family has been a part of a genetics study. I think the most difficult part of this study is that we won't get any of the information that they discover unless it is life threatening. Kinda makes me think what the point is?

We have been in numerous family functioning studies, how we cope with stress research and studies regarding Zach's development as well.

I find it a little humorous how one family can be a part of so many research studies. Having a child with autism has put us in a group of highly studied research subjects.

Why do I join so many studies when I am so busy? Good question! I think I have joined them in hopes that we will get more answers or more understanding regarding autism.