Now our little Gabriel is sick. It all started on Tuesday when he awoke with a swollen eye. But then I found out that his eye was oozing green discharge on Monday. Initially I thought it was an allergic reaction until I heard about the green discharge. His eye was all red so I just called the doctor to try and get him in with me as I already had an appointment that day.

Then he developed a fever with no energy. Now, when this kid gets sick, he gets sick. He didn't want to be held or be put down. He fell asleep a few times on the floor because it felt so good on his face. He just felt so hot.

Poking in his ear but the doctor said that there was no ear infection. Definitely an eye infection but the eye drops hardly made any difference after three days.

Questioning if it was time to take him into the doctor's or if his body just needed time. He was consistently pressing in his belly button and he cried and he cried and he cried. Made me feel so helpless. Just wanting to take away his pain. My poor baby. The crying went on for an hour after the Tylenol. Then he finally fell asleep in exhaustion.

Then he woke up again, approximately two hours later and he started to cry again. Should I take him in now? Finally enough time went by that I could give him Advil. It felt like five if not ten minutes had gone by and Gabe sat up, or should I say he bolted up right and he grinned at Dave and I. Now was this coincidental or had the advil kicked in? Could it kick in that quickly? So grateful that he was feeling better. However it was bedtime when he got this little burst of energy. When he was played out, he climbed up on momma and went to sleep. Oh so sweet!

Today he woke up with his eye glued shut. Took awhile with a warm cloth to unglue the eye.

I struggle with whether this sickness is just a flu or should I be taking him in to the doctor