The Big Surprise

Since May, my brother and I have been conspiring to surprise my husband David. It is a significant month for Dave and myself. It was our tenth wedding anniversary on the twentieth of October and my birthday is also in October.

Dave and I are desperate for a break. In the last few weeks I have just been mustering up enough energy to get through until this break.

I love my children desperately but it is time for a reconnection with my husband. We had a night off once after Maddie was born and we've had another trip to Ontario with Jack. This will be an amazing holiday.

We paid for my brother and niece's flights so we aren't going anywhere fancy. I would love a vacation to Disneyland or Disney World but I am trying to be responsible financially.

A couple of months ago, Dave's friend offered us his cabin. It was quite a challenge to request their cabin without Dave being involved. I have never met this friend before. I went through another friend to make the initial contact but ultimately made the contact to request their cabin.

Keeping this whole week a secret was both funny and kinda exhausting. I almost messed up by calling Dave's friend on our regular line. She called me back on our line and we have call display. I didn't even think to erase her name from the call display. Dave asked about it and I just said wrong number. Whew! That was a close one. I erased the number the next day just in case he decided to call it out of curiosity. Around the same time, Gabe was playing with our phones and "accidentally" erased