The Calm Before The Storm

So Friday's forced relaxation was the calm before Saturday's storm. The stress of Saturday was almost enough to put me over the top.

Saturday was evidence that I am doing too much! I am going to destroy or alienate all of the people around me. I need someone to tell me when I need to stop. I try to delegate some things but they don't get done or it seems easier to just do it myself rather than having to explain the jobs to others. Aaaaahhhh!

The birthday party ended up going over well despite the stress leading up to the party. I just need to prepare myself for these highly stressful days after so many consecutive days of work. I thought I had been prepared for higher amounts of stress but I guess not.

The car overheating on Friday cut down on one vehicle and complicated things in many ways. Dave was going to be with the kids at one place until 2:30 while I was at home preparing for the party which started at 3.

We also needed to pick up the car on top of multiple things that needed to be done ie.making and decorating an angry birds cake, making the goodie bags, Dave had a sibling group for Zach, Maddie and Jack, wrapping the gift and making sure everything needed for the party would get into the van/car for this party.

Some boys that Zach said would be coming to the party had not even RSVPed. Man, that is an excellent lesson for me to RSVP one way or the other early on.

I don't think that I would choose a swimming party again or I would do it differently next time. Not knowing the boys well and not knowing their swimming abilities was STRESSFUL. Whew was I ever relieved when the swimming was done. We had one parent come along with his son, one of our respite workers, David and myself. I was continuously counting the boys. I was so relieved when they all got into a boat together.

The pizza and cake was a great way to wind up the stressful activities. But most importantly, seeing the joy on Zach's face was priceless.