The Never Ending Crap

So it started while Dave was checking out my car when it overheated. Figured out that we were going to have it towed with our AMA. Yippee for AMA. Now that's twice the membership has come in handy.

Went for dinner when Jack decided that eating definitely was not for him. He'd rather climb under the table and "pretend" that he was just playing. Dave kept getting a waft of something that certainly wasn't pretty. Would it curb his accidents if we didn't change him right away? More torture for him or for us? The fragrant aroma of the wonderful outhouse as it continuously oozes.

Oh my dear Jack. How that cannot possibly be good for your tummy or feel good on your tummy?

The tow truck was going to be at least thirty minutes so I excitedly jump at the opportunity of more forced relaxation. I made the suggestion that Dave take the kids to a park to allow them to get out of the van.

The tow truck comes and goes and the children arrive back just in time to see our very sad car being towed. Jack jumped out of the van even before Dave could tell them that our car was leaving with "the truck with a hook on it" as Maddie was calling it that evening.

Jack was definitely starting to feel uncomfortable now. It is hard enough keeping Jack in his car seat when he isn't uncomfortable let alone when he is uncomfortable. Just one more stop prior to going home...Toys r Us for the birthday gift. We obviously all didn't go into the mall with the wafting aroma.

We arrive home and I am done with the smell. This is requiring a bath to clean Jack up. Dave comes into the bathroom a couple of times complaining about the ongoing smell. I'm thinking that it is the leftover smell because I have somehow become used to the smell as I have been in the bathroom for some time now. Were there any more pieces of clothing with poop on them that I haven't already scrubbed clean (a mom's favourite repetitive activity)? No, we had already cleaned off any clothing with poop left on it.

Towards the end of the bath, I asked Jack to pull the plug and I stepped out of the bathroom for a moment. As I return, again the strongest odor of poop. What? I just bathed him, where is the smell coming from? I get him to stand up and found the evidence on his bottom, leg and foot. And yes I had already cleaned the area as it continues to ooze out!

Obviously the toilet training is not complete. Back to the strategizing! How do you get your child to poop on the toilet?