The Fight For Jack's School Funding

So I almost reached the crisis that threw me into an incredible turmoil that almost sent me spiraling out of control. Over a week ago, I got a voicemail message from Jack's school. The message was bad news about Alberta Education declining Jack's funding due to his speech delay. He didn't qualify because the delay is not affecting every area of his speech. It was almost as if they completely overlooked the psychological and fine motor report altogether.

You don't realize how one small but certainly not minor aspect of your life is helping hold your life together. Dave and I were commenting on Jack's enjoyment of school one day prior to this bad news.

I was ready for a huge fight. I was ready to pull out the big guns so to speak. I was ready to write some more letters to get what my little Jack needs.

The groveling was over the effort it was going to take to fight. Did I have it in me? Did I really have the choice? Do you really ever have the choice? Not really. You just know you gotta do what you gotta do.

To my overwhelming gratefulness and to my amazement, the fight ended almost before it started. The very talented principal of Jack's school, Behaviour Therapy and Learning Centre, called Alberta Education to fight on Jack's behalf. Now, maybe any school would do that but I don't think so. Now, that is where this school excels as well as almost every other area. The small class sizes, the very devoted and talented staff prove that there is still so much good in our world. With that one phone call and one very long message from a well-spoken and very talented educator, our lives were held together for now. I'm certainly not overlooking God's role as well. Jack's funding was approved. Phew!