The Continuing Saga of My Brother Paul

In the hospital, my brother had shock treatment and they formed him so he was unable to leave the hospital. There isn't many circumstances when doctors can keep a person against their will. But this was certainly one instance because he had harmed himself.

He had many treatments and they put him on medication. I am uncertain how long he was in the hospital. After leaving the hospital, he came to live with my mother and I. It wasn't very long before Paul stopped all of his medication.

Paul lost most of his friend's except one. Phil had been a great friend however it was Phil's idea that Paul stop his medication. Phil didn't believe that Paul had schizophrenia. Paul may have stopped his medication anyways but with Phil's suggestion, it just happened sooner.

It wasn't long before Paul restarted the marijuana. I had caught him down in the laundry room. It's not too difficult to identify that sickening sweet smell of marijuana. At least now he had more respect for my mother and I. He wasn't smoking it in his bedroom anymore.

Makes you wonder if a person with schizophrenia is just doing drugs because they like it or do they do drugs for self treatment? Maybe a bit of both.

When all of this was going on, I had made some life decisions. Decisions that have truly changed the course of my life. I had finished grade thirteen in January. I went on a summer team that put on a program for children, ran a summer camp and then I went away to Manitoba for bible school.

It was so great to finally escape where no one knew me and I could choose what people knew about my family and myself. But one day...that all changed. On November 1, 1990 my brother Paul's body was discovered in a creek towards London by a man walking his dog. The end was never totally clear but the evidence pointed towards suicide.

What a tragic death for a tragic life. One of hardship and difficulty. At the young age of twenty-five, Paul's life sadly ended.