Experiment-Living on Cash

So I started an experiment on my last pay day....living on cash alone. No debit or credit cards. It's way too easy to just pull out the debit card and spend and spend and spend some more. Just trying to control the outflow of money if you know what I mean.

Kinda been fascinated with the show "From Debt do us Part" for quite some time. Got the idea of living out of jars for food, transportation, clothing and gifts, entertainment and other from the show. I was hoping to see a family as large as ours to see how much they spend on food but I gave up waiting. I used the amounts divided up for one family as a guide. We may have to alter it a little but I just wanted to start with something.

Budgeting is something that my mom did well when we didn't have anything but sadly she didn't teach me any of it. Being bombarded with needing to learn something about every area has made me beg borrow or steal knowledge from any area possible. This information seemed like a good place to borrow from. The website is a pretty awesome resource too for the place to start with budgeting.

I'm tired of feeling guilty for spending money on the necessities. But I'm reminded to question those purchases too. Do I just want the item or does someone need the item.

It wasn't too long ago when I marveled at how much things cost. Is it just our family that is feeling the crunch or is it everyone? The radio stated just today that gas just one year ago cost fifteen cents less.

Feeling great just moving forward. We'll see where it takes us!