The Challenges with living on Cash

We, like many of you, are very busy people. So we don't always have time to go for a big grocery shopping trip. So probably in the long run we spend more money at the local grocery store and more time at the local grocery store. Unfortunately our local grocery store isn't the cheapest store. It's just the convenience.

In the past we have had far more time to arrange the time to go grocery shopping. Some people have a certain day or evening to go grocery shopping however shift work can make that extremely difficult. Likely if I'm working a certain day shift this week, I'll be working an evening shift that particular day this next week.

In the past two weeks, I only had one day off in a long stretch of day shifts on either side of the only day. I was certain to make sure that I had two days off this week. The two days off together certainly help mentally and make it more likely to get more housework or chores done.

So on occasion, there is last minute unexpected timing to go to the grocery store. But if you are living on cash and you don't have the cash with you, a trip home may be required to get that cash. I guess if one parent does the grocery shopping all the time, that person can have an envelope in their person. As long as that person has the discipline not to spend the money on something else.

Maybe one of these years I will be fortunate enough to have a nursing job that is strictly days.

Still loving the budget and having the goals to work towards.