The Christmas Tree

When I was around twelve years old, someone must have put our names on the list for needing Christmas gifts. So we received gifts from one of the gift trees. Do you know the gift trees where you can pick an angel with the age of a child in need of a Christmas present? Well, I received my first barbie doll that Christmas. Seems kinda late to receive a barbie doll but nonetheless it meant the world to me.

I received my first barbie doll ever and it was almost the most memorable gift I have ever received. I remember it was the kissing barbie and she came with her very own lipstick.

But somehow her one leg went missing. To this day, I have no idea how she lost her leg but I continued to play with my one legged barbie. It could have been one of my brothers. They could be pretty cruel at times. They would always steal my earrings but a leg of a barbie doll? Who knows?

So now, I like to spoil my kids at Christmas time. Believe me, I still have some restraint but I certainly want my kids to have things I never had.

The other day I asked Dave what we should get our children for Christmas. His idea was to give them a wii game with one game each. What kinda Christmas is that? I don't think they gave many presents at the Yarema house when Dave was growing up. But when I was growing up, we didn't have much but we still received a few gifts. My mom got so much enjoyment from giving those gifts. And I do as well.

I just want my children to have the same joy giving as receiving. I just struggle with how you instill that value in your children? I was wondering if I could encourage the gift of giving this Christmas by having our children do the Christmas boxes but unfortunately I thought of that idea far too late. So I was thinking of having them get something for one another.

It would be a great lesson for Zach because he certainly does not like to share his toys with Jack. Poor Jack! Jack loves many of the same toys that Zach does but Zach wants nothing to do with sharing with his brother. And Jack has always been interested in the toys that Zach is interested in rather than the age appropriate toys. I will see how they do with the gift of giving.