The Final Days of Paul's Life

I'm kinda hazy on the final days of Paul's life because I was far away and completely unaware that anything was going on.

Paul had been in a town about thirty minutes away from Kitchener. The police had picked Paul up and the police had called my mom to have her pick him up but my mom didn't drive. He wasn't really doing anything wrong so they had to let him go.

Then he apparently took his glass eye out for some unknown reason. He took it out and left it on a counter in a store. I always wondered what the person thought of the eye when they found it.

Then the next thing we know of is that Paul had drowned in a creek. How does one drown themselves in a creek? Was he on drugs again? I saw the autopsy report but no one explained it to me so I certainly didn't understand what I was reading. I read it many years ago so I'm not sure if I would understand anything more. Unfortunately my mom had the autopsy report but I have no idea what happened to the report when she moved.

It was quite amazing that my mom was able to reach me. She didn't have the dorm number but she called the office. By chance, that night, one of the teacher's had been working. I didn't even know that teacher but he came and got me in the lounge, he gave me privacy and that was the night I got the horrible news about my brother. It's amazing how I remember that night like it was yesterday.

The next day I flew out of Winnipeg to go home for the funeral. Experiencing a sibling's funeral was both eye-opening and awkward. Grief is kind of a funny thing. If one more person said "I'm so sorry for your loss", I was going to scream. I appreciate that people need to say something but I just really got sick of people saying it. I also think that it is so funny that so many people brought us food and wanted to take us out for dinner when the last thing I felt like doing is eating.

So where did Paul go? I like to think that God understands mental health more than anyone. I like to think God has a special place for these mentally tormented individuals. Others may disagree but I believe in a God that understands the mentally ill. Who are we to judge?!!