Wanting To Act Out?

As you all probably know, Jack can be challenging to say the least. Most parents want their child to be on their best behaviour whenever they are out. Ironically, Dave and I want Jack to act out so that we can get some help or strategies to help us out.

Sadly though, we have no idea what sets him off and we certainly are not doing anything to make him act out. That is just Jack.

But in the last month, the challenges have crossed over to school. I'm not sure why the behaviour is now a problem at school but I am hoping that this will help us out. They have now tapped into the challenges of getting to sit and the challenges of Jack having difficulties with making decisions.

As a parent, how can you not think that it may be something you are doing that is the problem? I think that is normal. But when people are now seeing the behaviour, it seems less likely related to us. However, I guess it could mean that things at home are so bad that it is now spilling over to school. What a terrible thought. I truly don't think it is that but different children react differently to different situations.

Oh my little Jack. How I want everything to be okay in your body and mind. God please be with our little Jack and help us to help him.