An Attitude of Gratitude

In the past, Zach would come home from his friend's place and he would make a comment about everything they had that we don't have. I know I have talked about this before. It kinda made me go to a funny place....

Made me feel a little insecure about our house. That it wasn't larger with a bonus room or a playroom or a developed basement or even a garage.

But it kinda made me feel like he was ungrateful for everything we do have. We have a ton more than I ever had growing up. Kinda makes me think of those hilarious sayings... When I was young I had to walk to school miles and miles away up hills both ways in stormy weather. You know the story that I am referring to. But at the same time you feel for your child. It didn't feel right to say that he should be grateful for everything we have because it isn't really teaching him anything by saying that to him.

My book club, yet again, is so relevant. Eckert centre focuses on teaching parents how to make their children more confident, responsible and assertive. So we talked about this scenario and what our response should be. We should acknowledge their feelings. Their feelings aren't wrong. But we should take it a step further by helping them be grateful. Being grateful isn't a feeling, it's something we need to practice. So we can say to our child that "we know that they are grateful for....".

I was quite relieved to hear how to deal with the sometimes ungrateful feelings. And yes we all have them at one time or another. It was also interesting to hear that if you practice gratefulness you can help ward off depression. Something that is good to know.