Mental Illness

Mental illness is such a lonely place for the person suffering with the mental illness and the families of the afflicted.

I wish that there was some way that mental illness could be looked at like another chronic illness like diabetes. I wish that there was more support for the mentally ill and their families. I wish we could remove the fears and replace the fears with understanding.

I felt so alone growing up in a family affected by mental illness. At the time, I didn't even know that that is what we were dealing with. I had never heard anything about schizophrenia. I had never heard about kid's help lines so I truly suffered in silence.

My friend's just laughed at Paul for his quirks and oddities but not really the day to day struggles. I just thought it was terribly sad.

The continuous paranoia that someone was going to poison him and all the voices that were telling him who knows what must have been pure torture. Of course my friend's weren't laughing at these things and of course they were only children. But the reality of Paul's suffering and many of those that suffer with schizophrenia may never be truly understood by those of us that do not suffer with a mental illness. I greatly appreciated the movie "A Beautiful Mind" as it gave me just a glimpse of what Paul may have been facing.

Thank you for listening to my story. It was a very challenging upbringing to say the least. If their is just one person who doesn't feel as alone or if their is just one person that has learned just one thing from my story, than my openness and suffering has been worth it.