My Favourite Topic...Balance

How do you know what is 'normal stress' with having four children eight years and under? And what amount of stress is an unacceptable amount of stress?

I have never understood men that have been millionaires that have walked away from their prestigious lifestyles until now. By no means am I a millionaire or working for a prestigious company. But do we need all the stuff in our lives or is it just stuff?

I'm just rethinking what is really important. It's important to me for my children to have all the advantages to learn how to speak, learn to function in society and be well rounded individuals. Is the choice to stay in Calgary a wise choice to give our children all the advantages possible for our children or is it actually just keeping us oppressed? I just feel like Calgary is so oppressive. I always wonder if we just moved to the 'right' place or the 'right' neighbourhood we could be happy but in thirteen years and one other summer, I have never liked Calgary. Am I just living in a dream world? Do I have unrealistic expectations of what life can be like? Is it unrealistic to want to live in an area where our children are able to walk to their school? And have friend's in their own area so they don't need to be driven for play dates? And have neighbors who talk to children's parents when they have safety concerns about their children rather than going to Child & Family Services? And making friend's with my children's friends' parents? Do I just need to do more to make these things happen?

I'm just looking back at my life when I was most happy. And maybe this is just all new to me because of another Ted talk that I recently saw about simplifying your life. How many things do we have in our lives that just makes our lives more complicated?

Are there things in our lives that we think are important that actually aren't that important after all? Just something to think about!!!