The Pushback

Okay, I get the idea that allergies can be frightening for some but sometimes enough is enough. I don't want to sound like I am making light of allergies because the what-ifs scare me too. But should you let the what-ifs control you?

What am I talking about? Maddie has had a blood test and a skin test that was positive for peanuts. However, she has never been exposed to peanuts. I cannot say for absolute certainty that she would not have a life threatening anaphylactic reaction with the first exposure however the chances aren't likely with an initial exposure to an allergen.

But Maddie's teacher has been reacting in a most severe way about Maddie not having an epipen. Now I have nothing against epipens but it drives me absolutely crazy how expensive these pens are and that it is only good for one year. The drug companies have us by the throat and there is absolutely nothing we can do. My doctor and pharmacist said that we could use the epipen as long as the epinephrine is not discoloured. However, the school will not accept an epipen that is expired. So one way or the other these drug companies have been making an absolute killing on these epipens. Yes, yes, I know that it is worth my daughter's life but seriously? An expiry date of one short year?

Maddie's teacher has been hounding me to get an epipen for Maddie since September. I have been trying to tell her that there needs to be an initial exposure to an allergen for a severe allergic reaction but she just wasn't accepting my reasoning. She was just hounding and hounding and hounding me. No understanding of the difficulty just to get Maddie into the doctor's just to get this epipen.

So after a couple months I got the epipen that she now needs to wear in a fanny pack around her waist at school. But now the paperwork continues to come home to be signed. One for permission for another person to administer on behalf of Maddie and another form for who knows what.

The pushback to the hounding and just the lack of understanding coming my way. Of course Maddie's life is worth everything to me but come on teacher. Anything else you need me to do? Do you not think that I more than you care about Maddie's wellbeing? Is her strong emotional response related to fears more than reality? Am I just using my own experience with an anaphylactic reaction as a guide to the progression of a severe allergic reaction? Am I just being completely naive?