Learning Curve

I suppose that every new job requires a certain amount of learning. But I'm finding myself to be in a very peculiar position. Being an experienced nurse but feeling very rusty is not a great position to be in.

My orientation schedule has also been exhausting. Unfortunately my schedule just turned out to be a set of days with only one day off in between many days. Not a great schedule when bombarded with the learning curve and the busy-ness of life outside of work.

How does one not become apathetic? How can you continue to care for your patient's, family and yourself? When can you say enough is enough? To top everything off, it is Christmas time which makes life so much busier.

I have always found Christmas to be a little on the depressing side. With being a nurse, it kinda compounds everything because of the working schedule. If only I could take a stretch of days off to join into the festivities. Again, unfortunately with changing jobs I am working Christmas. Sadly I have to work Christmas eve and Christmas day-evenings. Thankfully, it does work out that I am working evenings. I would be terribly sad if I had to work days on Christmas.

With my kids being younger and believing in Santa Claus, I certainly cannot say that we will celebrate Christmas on a different day. Zach is old enough too so I cannot pretend that it is a different day than it actually is.

Again I'm sorry that I haven't been able to blog more often. My orientation is nearly done so my scheduling should be opening up.