How's Jack?

Jack will always be Jack. We are working on the issue of anger. Whenever he is told no or he doesn't get what he wants he makes a fist like he is ready to punch someone, and he clenches his teeth. Oh yes, he also threatens to 'hit you'.

So, we are trying to label his emotion-anger, mad, or upset. Then I ask him if he would like to go up to his bedroom. He rarely punches when given the choice, thankfully.

You have to watch Jack like a hawk when he gets into one of his moods. He can become extremely aggressive. I'm still terrified when Jack is with Gabe. They just don't know their strength. Sadly, today I saw Gabe do the angry face with the teeth clenching.

Oh the vicious cycle...the one hits the other, or climbs or whatever and young Gabe follows suit. My baby that is so amazing...going to bed at eight like clockwork and can actually be coaxed into going the bathroom to change his diaper is catching on to these less than desirable behaviours. There's hope for toilet training. We will see how it goes but here is for hoping.