How's Jack cont'd

We were hoping for some support in home which seemed nearly impossible. Thankfully, Jack's school funding is going to support us in home two mornings a week. The therapy will focus on his speech goals. Jack's speech has been quite slow to change despite the intensive school support.

There are of course other issues including the humping. With behavioral based therapy, they look at the behavior and try and determine the antecedent. What is the trigger that causes the behaviour and what is he getting from that? Is there some kind of reward?

Is it related to anxiety? David said that Jack was humping all night. He will often hump when he is trying to fall asleep however, it's not consistent.

This morning we videotaped his humping to show the doctor the distressed look on Jack's face. Our pediatrician thought that Jack was gaining pleasure and would have a pleasure filled look on his face. Not that case! I asked him about pain after he asked for some pain medication. He pointed towards his belly button but when he humps now, it is right over his penis. Is it too painful to knead his gut? I didn't even touch his tummy. In the past whenever I've touched his tummy, he hardly ever rejects so I just didn't touch his tummy thus time. I guess maybe I should have?!

Jack's umbilical hernia surgery is in January. I can only hope and pray that they will discover something at that time. Why oh why does my four year old have so much pain or discomfort? Is it just a matter of trying to distract him so he will stop? Or instead of why, should I be asking what is ailing him? Is it anxiety? Or allergies? Or acid reflux?

My dad has a terribly large amount of stomach acid. This began when my dad was quite small. Could this be what is affecting Jack as well?

I have a lot of vacation in the new year so maybe or quite possibly I can revamp our menu to make it gluten and casein free. Allergies, or should I say sensitivities are so much harder to detect when the child craves them rather than the child feeling horrible after consuming them. Sometimes a child may not recognize what is making their tummy sore so they just like to fill the hole.

We haven't had an allergy test for awhile now. Maybe it's time to take him back to the naturopath to get him retested. The skin testing is not only distressing for the child but also for the parent.

Muscle testing apparently is quite an accurate way of testing for allergies. The testing Jack had at the Naturopath office only required Jack to hold something and picked up on all of Jack's allergies. For an adult, the testing can pick up on imbalanced hormones or other health concerns. Pretty amazing!
So here we continue to struggle with the mystery of Jack!