My Stressful Christmas

My little mister helper, Jack, can be a huge help but at times it is not helpful. For example, when a sibling is opening a gift, they don't always want/need help to open their gifts.

Figuring out what is worth fighting over and what isn't worth the fight is critical. It certainly isn't worth being critical and the effect on their self-esteem. Easier said than done! When you have to ask Jack to stop this and then stop that can be quite exhausting. How do you have a never-ending supply of patience? Especially after starting a new job with a huge learning curve and a lack of sleep just with getting ready for Christmas.

Jack opened one gift yesterday...he ripped open a portion of the wrapping paper and then stopped. He didn't like what he saw so he absolutely refused to go any further. He screamed and absolutely refused to open the gift. He wanted no part of that gift. What a slap in the face! So I guess Santa didn't notice that there was a mermaid in the sand in this toy. Mermaids are for girls and not for boys according to Jack's behaviour. Even though every time Jack saw a commercial for this particular toy, he was oh so interested. But that mermaid was enough to protest. Maddie sure wanted it.

Why, oh why do I take this personally? You would think that he was personally attacking me. You would think that his reaction was a direct reflection on me. Why am I that way? It's times like this that I feel that I am an immature teenager. Oh brother!

I continuously struggle over raising balanced children. I know that Jack is self-centred at the wonderful age of four but I just felt that they were so ungrateful.

My daughter started talking about a particular toy, monster high dolls, that I had not heard her talk about prior to Christmas morning. I was asking about this toy and what it was and she was totally confident that Santa would know what it was and would bring it. She told me that I would find out what it was when she opened it. What confidence and what a disappointment for me not knowing about this toy prior to Christmas morning. I know that a child doesn't need to get everything but Maddie was so non-specific about everything she wanted. She just said barbies.

So my Christmas was a little stressful to say the least. I enjoyed buying the gifts and was so excited about seeing my children opening these gifts but then everything suddenly changed. Christmas has never been my favourite time of year. Expectations are never a great thing because without fail, disappointment often occurs. I wish it was possible to skip over Christmas every year. I was very happy to escape to work after everything that had transpired.