Where do I begin?

This is the beginning of something new for me.

Welcome to Anzlife! I'm a mom of four kids... Zach is seven and has Autism, Maddie is five and quite a girly girl, Jack is three and little Gabe is ten months.

I am a full time nurse and so we have the joys of working around shift work and sleep deprivation. My job keeps me sane but also complicates life with making life extremely busy and full. When things are crazy at home, I can just run away.

My husband is presently a stay at home dad which wouldn't be his first choice but at the same time he does a fabulous job with making a nutritious menu for our children. He is quite simply a great dad.

Life has been complicated with autism, and allergies. If things could ever go smoothly, something else will always come along to make life more interesting and provide for a good story.

Again welcome to Anzlife. Get ready for the ongoing saga of parenting struggles especially with autism, allergies and the sleep struggles. Get ready for the ride!