Parenting is the hardest job ever!

I have bought into some lies about parenting including that you have to do everything for your children. I think it is really hard not to feel guilty. I think that sometimes the best thing you can do for your children is something for yourself. Even though some people lead you to believe that this is completely wrong and they can make you feel guilty. I just struggle with being away from my kids for work which is absolutely necessary and if I take time for myself I am away from them again.

I have discovered that I am truly a selfish human being. And the sleep deprivation brings that out in me. But how can I not be when one of the most essential things of life, sleep, is lacking? I used to think that I was such a mature person but parenting has shown me otherwise.

I applaud stay at home moms. Hardest job ever. I would love to have more time at home with my children so I would have more time with them. I wouldn't be so distracted. So busy with getting things ready all of the time.

I think the working mom has brought a new phenomenon to our generation. I think that working mom's have a tremendous amount of stress on them. Let's be honest... there are certain things we will do for our children that father's will not. I work full time but I continue to bill for respite, fight with the school for Zach and Jack's needs, parent-teacher interviews, doctor's appointments, dentist appointments and sadly the list goes on. Notice I didn't mention housework? Yes that is important but my children and my sleep are more important. As much as people support me on that one, I still get a lot of flack.

Let's be honest here housework isn't my strongest gifting but with everything on my plate, can you blame me? It's just really hard when clean freaks come in my home and lack all understanding with my plight. I really need a housekeeper. It's just balancing out the desires and the finances too.

So even though we work so hard for our children, fight so hard for their needs, I am still grateful for all of them. They are all such amazing kids!!!!