Jack a.k.a. Sir Humpalot

Jack humps. For the longest time I didn't question why he was humping because I knew he had a sore tummy. It wasn't until the pediatrician asked us if he was smiling while he was doing it that I started to question my way of thinking.

Why do we do that to ourselves? Why do we let a so-called expert make us question ourselves? She hardly knows Jack and she hasn't observed him doing it. Jack humps a lot around the time he is complaining about his tummy hurting.

If he was pleasuring himself wouldn't it be all the time not just when he is complaining about his tummy?

No mother wants their child to hump. Actually it is absolutely embarrassing...I cannot believe I'm telling you about it. I'm just getting very concerned about the amount of time Jack spends doing it.

He humps everything. He humps the couch, the pillow, the chair, the table and even Gabriel. I tried to get him to stop but I just cannot. I absolutely put my foot down on him humping the baby. That is not going to happen.

What is bothering his gut so much? He has had reflux in the past and we were trying to get him off the medication but maybe he just really needs it?

Is it another food allergy. The celiac test was inconclusive but I wonder if it is wheat? The naturopath test showed that he was allergic to wheat.

A wheat free diet is pretty tough when you still have wheat in your house. Do you put everyone on a wheat free diet? You not only need to be super organized but it is also very expensive.

Jack seeks out wheat products like he is a drug addict seeking drugs. No joke! He seeks out sugar like a drug addict as well. We don't necessarily go out and buy candy. We stretch out the candy from Halloween for months and months. I don't want to keep my kids from going out for Halloween but I could certainly do without the drug seeking behaviour.

I am so frustrated with doctor's because they don't seem to do anything. The pediatrician negated everything we believe to be true. What do we have to do to get there attention?