Children: It's not all bad!

Just in case you think I have a tendency to focus on the negative stories, here are some great things about my children.


Zach is a wonderful boy that we are so fortunate to parent. He truly is a gift. He is very pleasant and teachers really appreciate having him in their classrooms.

He has had a lot of one on one instruction which has made him an extremely hard worker. He works hard but he plays hard too.

He is very conscientious. Some may call him anxious but he really looks out for his siblings. Whenever we are around elevators, he always wants to ensure that Jack doesn't get caught in the elevator doors.

Zach loves people. He loves play dates and just being around people. He is quite awkward with hugs...he backs in to be hugged but if Dave and I are hugging, he runs up for a good squeeze. Nothing better than running in between mom and dad for a good squeeze.


Sadly I don't talk about little miss Maddie enough. She is a little helper. She is so happy to organize things or help with almost anything.

She has a wonderful disposition. She wakes up excited about the day and is instantly happy.

She is quite the budding artist and dancer. She is a wonderful influence on the boys. She gets the boys to draw with her and Jack and Maddie will dance together. We've had some wonderful times just dancing around the room together.

Little miss Maddie has loved shoes and clothes since as early as I can recall. Loves accessorizing. Loves pink and purple too.

We allow her to dress herself within reason but sometimes I wonder why I allow her too but that just makes her unique. Oh the outfits she comes up with. What a confident girl!

She can spend hours in her room playing on her own. When she was in preschool she would be so tired from her day that she would retreat into her room and just play with her dolls, change into several outfits or just organize.

Maddie has loved princesses for so many years. She had been able to label them all since before I even knew she knew about princesses. How do they do that?


Jack has amazing empathy for a three year old. It astounds me how much empathy he has for the beast at the end of Beauty and the beast when Gaston is beating on him. (Wouldn't you question what kind of parent I was if it was any other movie? Sounds terrible!) This is only one example of many movies where Jack's eyes well up in tears.

He is incredibly helpful. The other kids will ask for something and even before I would hear what they were asking for Jack would be going to get it for them. I wouldn't even hear the question but I would be asking what Jack was doing.

He is amazing with technology. We have two DVD players, a VCR, an apple tv, the amplifier and the tv. He knows that the one DVD player needs to have input four and the apple tv needs line five. He can use our iPod touch and find games and some videos for YouTube. Isn't that amazing?! He is only three years old. What will he be like at ten? We need to encourage that gift. But yet he isn't toilet trained!


Gabriel is certainly living up to the meaning of his name-angel. He is such a good baby. He is pretty predictable-sleeping at normal times and eating at normal times.

We can swaddle him and he will actually go to sleep on his own. Wow! That is pretty amazing.

He too seems to love people. How do you have four children that love people? I'm absolutely thrilled.

Last but not least. Just to show how different our children are...last summer Dave was pumping up the bicycle tires. Zach awkwardly attempts to step on the tire pump lacking the coordination. Maddie, who is lighter than a feather doesn't have the strength to do it. Jack comes along with brute force, not even three yet, and happily stomps on the pump several times with little effort. How funny!