The Escapades of Maddie & Jack

Maddie & Jack can be the best of buds or just be at each other constantly. We have to be very careful when they are quiet off doing something in the house.

Jack's middle name should be destroy. In three short years he has broken our xbox, our first DVD sound system, picked at our wicker kitchen chair making a hole in the middle of the chair and left major lines on our flat screen tv from hitting it and throwing things at it. So now we buy cheap $20 - $25 DVD players. It's amazing what you can get for that price! So if it gets wrecked or just doesn't last long it doesn't matter. It's much easier to part ways than if a $700 eight year old sound system/DVD player gets destroyed.

One day Maddie and Jack decided to play with red nail polish. They started with painting their toe nails and finger nails but then Jack thought it would be fun to paint the bathroom mirror, the doorknob, and the counter.

Another day Jack found some eucalyptus vicks humidifier stuff (that we didn't even know about or where he even found it) and dumped on his bedroom carpet. Not a great smell!

Another time Jack and Maddie got into the skin lotion because their skin felt dry but it never stops there. They put it in their hair and then decided to open all of my new unopened contacts. Great! After that I just started to lock the bathroom doors.

Our five year old home is seeming much older. I am so grateful for magic eraser. Crayons and markers never seem to stay on paper. Jack and Maddie probably had as much fun using the magic erasers to wash off the crayon marks from the walls as they did drawing on the walls. So much for curbing the bad habits.

Maddie is five but Jack's ideas are just too good to resist. How can you resist creating art on the wall? Or doing your nails?

Today they were acting out Rapunzel from Tangled. Jack was Flynn Ryder and of course Maddie was Rapunzel. Instead of iron pots, they were using metal measuring cups. I was just nervous that Maddie was going to clock Jack over the head with the measuring spoons. Too cute! Thankfully Maddie never clocked Jack over the head.