Searching for Vehicular Nirvana

The day that Zach was born was the day that we were planning on buying a vehicle. But Zach had other plans. A new vehicle or a newborn?

So we stuck with my two door sports car. This car was my first car ever- Honda Prelude and I certainly wasn't thinking about children when I bought it.

Now because we were unable to go car shopping was great in terms of saving us from having a car payment but not so great for me. The baby car seat did not fit in the back seat so we put Zach in the front seat which meant I went into the back seat. There is no legroom to begin with so I felt like I was folded in half. But hey there weren't any car payments.

After Zach we then went on to the sedan. I wanted to just skip over to the van but my husband was not thrilled about the family vehicle. So we bought a Honda accord. I know I know...another Honda? We honestly tried other vehicles but we just liked the Honda. Good thing we did because not a lot of vehicles fit three car seats across the back seat.

But like I said in one of my blogs we needed to put Jack in a box. I sure wish we got pictures of that. Zach had gotten a gift from a friend in this huge box with smarties wrapping paper. That box sure came in handy. We just used it until Maddie and Zach destroyed it. Despite Zach and Maddie being separated by Jack, they still managed to fight. Makes for a pretty stressful car ride. What can you expect when you spend an enormous amount of time driving in rush hour traffic? I think we drove 50km round trip on a daily basis. Not great with a newborn colicky baby.

Then we finally graduated to the van. Yippee and long overdue! This does not express how relieved I was to finally move on to a van. We spent approximately an hour to two hours a day in the car. If you know children, you know how much they hate sitting in car seats. Many days I wished we had a driver or wished we could put the car on automatic pilot. Just think how much extra sleep I could have gotten! Man, my nerves were wearing pretty thin!

So we splurged! We bought one with leather seats because Zach always decided to throw up in the van. Like he had the choice eh? And we got the joyous DVD player. Aaaaahhhh! What a relief! Hooray! So thrilled. What I find hilarious is that Dave drives the van more than I do.

I always thought that vans were gutless! Well they are family vehicles so why wouldn't they be gutless. But they are not. It always makes me smile when I step on the gas and pass all these gutless cars. Who knew? So when you people drive your cars and look down on our van, just remember the power!