Gabe's Hearing, My Dad's Missing Ear. Possible connection?

I awoke with a start thinking that I was being way too relaxed about Gabe's hearing. His hearing was tested in December at the eight month research visit for siblings with autism and they recommended referring Gabe for further hearing testing.

We saw the family doctor in January but the doctor passed it off as being congested. So now it is mid March and precious time is passing. What harm is there to refer Gabe for a simple hearing test? I think that there is no harm to do the test now rather than when there is some speech concerns. Am I just being pessimistic?

Now Gabe will be turning one and he will be in for the next research study appointment and nothing has been done. Well I guess they can check the hearing in his left ear again.

My dream or my brain woke me with a start and made me wonder if it is possible that my concerns about Gabe's hearing could be a hereditary thing. It may be strange or just completely coincidental but my dad cannot hear from his left ear. Now I need to talk to my dad more because my dad may not even have an eardrum. He was born without an ear. According to my dad he stayed on his one side in the womb for several months so an ear never formed. I'm not sure if that is just an uneducated viewpoint or an embellishment of the truth but he literally only has bubbles of skin shaped like an ear. When he was a child he had many surgeries to form an ear so he would look 'normal' but he nearly died in surgery so they just stopped.

Anyway back to the hearing. I'm feeling that this dream or whatever woke me with a start is making me want to pursue what is actually going on. I was thinking if it is hereditary, we need to look into it now.

So I made the phone call to Ontario and my dad likely does not have an eardrum so the hearing concerns would not be associated with him. But I will definitely continue to pursue the concern. It could just be the worried mom in me but I don't usually wake up from a dead sleep with this kind of concern.