A Story of Murder

Just thinking about all of our hardship...I don't want us to receive all of the recognition for surviving on our own. We certainly did not survive on our own esteem.

We have been so fortunate to have had so many amazing meals brought to us by various people. Our church has been so gracious to offer babysitting and has brought so many meals. We would not have survived without those.

In fact some people came over today to help organize our basement. Jack destroyed our basement by dumping four bottles of hand cream on the floor and dumping many boxes of toys all over the basement that we had previously put away. Like any curious three year, he had to see all of the toys and couldn't quit after one box.

About six years ago now my niece's mother disappeared. I remember the week quite clearly because I was away in Invermere with several breastfeeding mom's. Chris (my brother) was very concerned about Cheryl's whereabouts and was thinking that something must have happened to her.

Chris and Cheryl shared an apartment over 17 years ago when Cheryl got pregnant. Chris is not the baby's biological father. They decided to raise the baby together. Things were not working well living together so they decided it would be best for Cheryl to find her own apartment so she found something two blocks away from Chris so they could continue to raise their daughter together.

Even when Chris and Cheryl no longer lived together, Chris still talked to Cheryl daily until the day she disappeared. The one hope we were clinging to was the hope that Cheryl had gone camping. They located the friend she may have gone camping with but she was not with him. The news was asking for people to call in clues of Cheryl's whereabouts but there weren't any. Many thought that Cheryl had abandoned her daughter but those who knew Cheryl knew that she would never leave on her own accord. Many people may have thought that Chris had something to do with it which is not the case. There is no doubt in my mind about that. Sadly Chris lost some friends but they were not true friends anyways. We suspected that she was gone but always hoping for the best. Almost a year later her body was found wrapped up in a blanket that had been in her apartment prior to her disappearance. A hiker walking through a park saw two knees poking through the snow and her body was very well preserved. It didn't seem that difficult to identify her body.

So why am I telling you this story? People at our church were so gracious to help us find a place where we could hold Cheryl's funeral back in Ontario. Even though they didn't know my brother or Cheryl, they were most helpful. They supported us emotionally during this very difficult time. Cheryl was a part of our family. She had spent many Christmases with my mom, my brother and I. My brother and Cheryl didn't have a lot of money to hold a funeral but people pulled together so we could celebrate Cheryl's life and mourn her loss.

So what actually happened to Cheryl? It really is a mystery. The autopsy showed an overdose I think or maybe the cause of death was inconclusive? But as long as I have known Cheryl, she never touched drugs. And it's not like she didn't have the opportunity. And if it was an overdose, how did her body show up nearly a year later almost perfectly preserved? Her body wouldn't have survived in a park over the summer without decomposition. The police suspect that she died around the time she disappeared. We have suspected an old boyfriend who has been arrested for another person's murder. I'm not sure where the trial for the second person's murder stands at this point in time.