The Terrifying Experiment

As you know allergies are a concern in our family. I am deathly allergic to nuts. My first memory of an allergic reaction was in kindergarten. My brother and I were at a kid's program. I think we had cookies with some kind of nut and on the way home we were walking through the park and I was nearly throwing up. I don't have a lot of memories but I can totally remember the walk through the park.

The next exposure, I was sitting in the living room with a bowl of nuts and the nutcracker eating nuts. The juices in my mouth were kind of pooling in the middle of my tongue and drying up at the same time. Odd sensation anyways. Again I felt nauseous but nothing further.

The next exposure I was on a team with youth eating at a family's home. A few minutes into the meal I excused myself from the table and went to the bathroom. I usually am quite careful but never thought that someone would put nuts into a casserole. Sure enough there was cashews in the casserole. Thankfully I started to feel slightly better otherwise my team may have dropped me off at my billets home and I may have died. We went into Niagara Falls for a concert and once we got there I started coughing and sneezing and my face swelled up. When we arrived at the hospital I was unable to see the hospital I was so swollen.

Thankfully I have only had a couple more exposures but nothing quite that serious. I am sure to carry my epipen just in case.

Now my daughter has outgrown her milk allergy but we have not given her any peanuts. I see no reason to challenge the allergy.

Zach is very aware that he is allergic to peanuts and is very aware to watch for foods with peanuts. I'm so proud that he is very responsible about asking for food ingredients. He has had peanuts and I think that he has had a similar sensation in his mouth that I have experienced.

Now the verdict is out on Gabe. I have tried to eliminate milk products with breastfeeding. When we were unsure about allergies and I had some milk products, Gabe didn't nap, would be fussier and would sometimes pull at his ear. But when we had him checked out for a possible ear infection, there wasn't an ear infection. My gut says it's a milk allergy but then I question that and wonder if it could have been coincidental. Could it have been that he was having teething pain and that is why he wouldn't go down for a nap or even something completely unrelated?

So this week we are challenging the allergy. We will start with a bit of yogurt on his skin, beside his mouth and then give him a spoonful. Here is for hoping. We'll see what happens. I find it very terrifying to challenge an allergy because of the possible outcomes. I hate to see my little ones in pain.