One Down. One to go.

So one decision made and a new one to replace it. Decided to stay with the public school for next year. I think that with a special needs child like any other child, a parent always needs to evaluate and re-evaluate what is best for your child. This feels right for us for now. In a year's time we will just have to re-evaluate again.

So now for the ongoing concern...Jack. We are just terribly concerned for him and his future. We gave Zach every opportunity and we certainly want that for Jack. This was our recovery year and we allowed ourselves to put Jack on the bus to go to preschool. Now that we know Zach and Maddie will be at the same school we can move forward with better choices for Jack.

The preschool we sent Zach and Maddie too was excellent. They allow PUF funded children to go there with an aide from our own designated agency. The agency Zach was with was so amazing. My motherly instincts are saying that there is more for Jack. Behavioural Therapy and Learning Centre is a smaller agency and their IPPs (individualized program plans) are stellor. They do not have three goals like some schools but many areas to target. They are fabulous. The head person, Erin Bond, is so caring and an amazing educator. I want them for Jack. Jack will have three half days of school and then two half days with an aide in our home to target the specific speech goals. Hopefully they will have some issues with his behaviour so they can help us deal with the outbursts of emotion and help us make some strategies.

My gut says this is the right decision but change is difficult. Why do I still feel like I am going to hurt someone's feelings? Isn't it best for Jack and us to move and isn't that what is most important? Oh why is there guilt? Anyways Jack's needs are most important so I will stick to my decision.