Vaccines: It's not just about autism.

People think that parents of children with autism are choosing not to vaccinate because we think that vaccines cause autism. Zach showed signs of autism well before the MMR vaccine. But look at what is in a vaccine. Did you know that vaccines contain formaldehyde, MSG, aluminum, chick skin, chick kidney cells, chick embryo, mouse brain culture and yes even mercury. (Just look at the CDC's website.) And yes we are injecting these things into our children willingly. Maybe it is only minute amounts of these chemicals but look at how many vaccines our children are getting.

If you are like me you may think... well I was vaccinated and I didn't have any problems. Did you know before 1984 we were given five shots by age two and then after the mid-eighties our children had twenty-four shots just by age two? Did you know that their bodies never get rid of these toxins?

I am not against vaccinations. I think vaccines have done a lot of good including getting rid of polio and small pox but do we need to vaccinate for so many things so many times? I just don't think that vaccines should be one size fits all.

We chose not to vaccinate our children for chicken pox because there are more severe illnesses that we need to be concerned about instead of chicken pox. In fact when I was in my early twenties I was not immune to chicken pox and by the end of university I was immune without any recollection of having chicken pox. And no I did not have a head injury at any point in time.

Let's just start asking questions. Let's start asking the questions if all of these injections we are giving our children is absolutely necessary!

I know it is hard to ask these difficult questions. I am a nurse and it has been engrained in me that vaccines are good. But I think we need to start asking our government the hard questions about these vaccines.

We believe that these vaccines are free but in fact each of these vaccines is paid for and they are not cheap. The drug companies are not getting richer by offering free vaccines.

Are you aware that the same drug company which created Vioxx created gardasil? Are you aware that same company lost the sales of Vioxx but on the heels of the drug being pulled comes another huge money maker for them?

All I am asking you to do is look at the research to make an informed decision. As parents I think the hardest part of making the decision about vaccinating is finding unbiased research. No one should tell you what you should or should not do! Just be comfortable with your decision and be informed!

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