The Effect of Four Children on your Sex Life

Okay end of story, nothing to talk about. Did you catch my meaning? Do you hear the crickets chirping?

Now of course it's not just the four children, but exhaustion at the end of the day from working more than full time hours, being a stay at home parent when it doesn't energize you and having an eleven month old that still gets up at night to breastfeed and a three year old that still gets up five to six times a week. Phew! Makes me exhausted just typing it. The pure exhaustion makes it challenging to say the least.

Well you know that we have had sex at least four times. My husband would say it's truly a miracle.

The end of the day isn't usually the best time unless a miracle occurs and all the kids go to bed when they should and a miracle occurs and there is energy.

One day we took advantage of a time during the day but the one detail we didn't take into account is that the Shaw man was coming to pick up the cable box. Our children didn't know that they should wait for us to open the door (even though we have told them many times.) They were at the bedroom door that was obviously locked but we were successfully ignoring them until I understood something Maddie was saying or I just realized the guy was coming and that was probably what they wanted. Woops! I have no idea how long that guy had been standing there. Our bedroom is at the back of the house so it is surprisingly quiet so we cannot even here the doorbell.

Thankfully (now for future possibilities of visitors), our front door sticks and is quite challenging to open. So even if our kids wanted to open the door, it would be pretty hard for them. Good in one way but not so good for safety reasons. We do have a sliding backdoor that they would be able to open just in case.

In the past we have been most fortunate to connect with each other going out on dates. We are most grateful to have respite funding from the government that allows Dave and I to go out on these dates. (One benefit of having a special needs child.) It allows us to talk thru things and make plans, prioritize and connect. I have often wished that we could stay at home but it is a nice break to get out as well. Sadly our babysitter recently went to Australia so we haven't found anyone to replace her to continue with these dates. Feeling real burnt out at the moment:(.

I'm not sure if each couple has as much difficulty as we do. We really haven't found a formula if there even is a formula. That goes with the challenge of not having family close by or anyone close by to take a weekend off together to rest and really enjoy each other.