My Brother, Paul

When my oldest brother was three he was riding his tricycle in a parking lot. A milk truck was coming so Paul ran out of the way without his tricycle. But of course he became concerned for his tricycle so he ran back to get it and therefore got hit by that milk truck. The relevance of this story will be apparent later on.

He had a lazy eye after that accident so you really couldn't determine which way he was looking. He was also blind in that eye. My mom always said they weren't sure if it was a result of the accident or if he was born blind (just in the one eye). I'm thinking it was likely from the accident.

Pretty early on Paul started smoking and got involved with the drug scene. I have no idea which drugs he did besides marijuana. He would smoke it in our apartment in his bedroom. Great eh?

But then one day he stopped smoking cold turkey. He started to act quite strange. I think that it was around this time he 'found Jesus'. I woke up once and he had his hands on me (don't get any of the wrong ideas-just on my arm). But I nearly leapt out of bed. He told me that he was praying for me. It really freaked me out.

Then he started to eat certain foods and lots of them. He would eat a bunch of bananas at one sitting or a bag of apples. He took some cooking oil into the bathroom. To be honest I'm really unsure what he did with the oil in the bathroom. I'm assuming that he put it in his bath or should I say hoping?

More next time on how Paul thought he was Jesus....