Paul Thinks He's Jesus

It is hard to believe that Paul had found a job and an apartment prior to going off the deep end. He even got two cats. But like everything it never lasted. Paul never did well with getting up for school. My mom had so many fights with him just to get him out of bed. Then one day, he thought he was Jesus.

Paul got a burlap sack and he started to wear it everywhere in the dead of winter without shoes on and without a jacket. I'm not sure what he wore under it. I think that he had a t-shirt and shorts. People would stop him and ask him if he knew he wasn't wearing shoes.

I asked him where he would go being dressed like that and he said he would go downtown and walk back and forth on one city block. I think he felt like he was being a 'witness for God'. I would ask him if people said anything to him and how he was being a witness but I can't remember what he said. I don't think that he ever answered my question with any satisfactory response.

I was so relieved when he found out that Jesus wore shoes.

I was in high school at this time. One of my teacher's made a comment about this guy in a burlap sac without shoes. So thankful that she made that comment when I was at home sick. My friend told me about her comment. (Just goes to show when you make a comment, you just never know who you may be offending.) I'm not sure how I would have reacted if I had been in the classroom that day.

Other than going downtown, he spent the rest of his time in our apartment. We had a plastic owl and some stuffed animals but he had to turn them around. He was thinking that they were staring at him.

He started to meet with some Jehovah's Witnesses. He started to take the bible quite literally. He would actually go into his closet to pray.

Strange behaviour changed to paranoid behaviour. He would not drink any of the juice because he started to think that someone was trying to poison him. I would offer to drink some of the juice from the jug but that wasn't good enough. He would tell me that God would protect me.

He wouldn't eat any of the food my mom would make unless he stood behind her and watched her make the food. He had to stand there the whole time she was preparing the meal. It would have driven me crazy but my patient mom allowed and didn't make any fuss.

My brother then disappeared.