Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed you feel like just running away? How do you balance everything? I would just love to quit and say that life is too hard. Can we just take a sabbatical from life?

Every which way I turn there is stress. Now the Calgary Board of education is cutting money so the support staff will be the first to go. Not a great thing for a child with autism needing that support. Where does that leave Zach?

We have registered Jack for another school but the agency we want to switch to may not be able to accommodate him.

Breathe Ann! Breathe!

David is feeling the stress of the precious time for his career slipping away as he stays at home with our children. I feel his stress and have a hard time not taking on his stress.

And my own stress of getting enough shifts in for full time work when the last thing I feel like doing is going to work. Then I come home from work and Dave is trying to schedule his meetings and I am dealing with the kids and they are needing my time. And all I want to do is curl up in a ball and go to sleep or go on a long trip to a beautiful climate where I can soak up the rays and maybe have a margarita.

Breathe Ann! Breathe!

And where do I go to be rejuvenated? My husband and I were talking and he said that I should just be able to go to God but everything in me just wants to keep control and try and manage the stress on my own.

Where do you go when you have no respite at this time and you just feel like screaming at the air because you feel like LIFE IS JUST TOO DARN HARD!

And here I am blogging to you and you think that I am just depressed or just plain crazy. It is a very scary and vulnerable position to be pouring your brain out to this silly iPod in this thing called Anz life.


Am I making the right decisions?