Code Brown

Aren't diapers great! I am always reminded of something my brother said years ago about how you ingest something when you smell something. I changed four awful diapers in a few hours. Just think of how much crap I ingested with changing those diapers. Marvelous!

I'm not sure if our boys are actually harder to toilet train or if we are just going about this toilet training business the wrong way. Zach was four years old when he was toilet trained. Maddie practically trained herself and we did manage to train her at a decent age but unfortunately Jack is not.

We started to toilet train last summer and did great inside without diapers on. But as soon as he went outside the thought of peeing on the potty went out the window. He peed on the parking pad, in the pool, and in a planter pot. Great!

To even try to get him to pull a pull-up down or his underwear is nearly out of the question. What motivates this kid? 

Then we hear about these two year old boys being toilet trained. It's hard not to feel like a failure.

The pediatrician suggested we wait but she is not the one changing his diapers. I just need to find what motivates him. I had an amazing potty party planned for Jack but then the pediatrician told us to wait. Her suggestion was kind of an underlying way of saying "don't even bother, your efforts will fail" without saying so many words. I had two days off work to start the training which really is the most days I get off in a row these days. Two days is pretty good because I usually only have one off. 

Just have to train his brain that it just isn't right to stay in wet underwear. I think he is ready in some ways because he runs away when he poops. But to train him to run in the bathroom to go...that is another story! The saga continues.