Is balance possible?

Each child has needs and each parent also have their own needs. Is it possible to have four balanced children?

All of the work demands and expectations.

Fighting for speech needs for a child that used to have full time funding and now has nothing. And if you don't fight for your child's needs no one else will. I accepted that my child was on the waiting list for speech thinking in fact he was on the list but in fact that was a lie. They hadn't put his name in the system because they didn't know his specific needs. How can you foresee your child's needs if you aren't trained? I have the hardest time seeing where the struggles will be until we are in the thick of things. It would be most helpful to have a mentor, someone just a bit ahead of where we are at to know what Zach will need.

I waver from staying at the school we are at and switching to a private school. I thought we had decided to switch schools and then I talked to the current school. Knowledge is power. I found out exactly how much support Zach is getting. The educational assistant works with Zach three and a half hours a day and the resource teacher works with him for 45 minutes twice a week. Zach works incredibly hard. The resource teacher mentioned that Zach works three or even four times as hard as the other children.

I am so impressed with the principal and the resource teacher but they too have limitations. They need parents to fight on behalf of their child. Now I am thinking that we may stay at our current school.

Now switching to the private school would allow Zach to be integrated for certain classes but segregated for others. The segregated class would be twelve students-one teacher and two assistants. The tough part of segregation is still the expectations put upon him. Would there be lower expectations and therefore lower achievements? Would there still be high expectations or does it just depend on how much we drive the expectations? I guess I just need to ask more questions.

Switching to another school is a huge burden financially and time. There isn't a bus either so Dave or I would need to drive our children. I wish I could see the future. Jack will have special needs as well but will our current school meet his needs as well? I shouldn't put so much pressure on myself to know the future but I just want the best for all of our children.

Not to add anymore pressure but this private school has low numbers and may be cancelling their special needs class. So if we don't switch now, there may not be an option or in the future, we may be looking for an alternative.