Breastfeeding Continued!

The female wolf, feeding the baby twins Romulus and Remus.

Each baby came with their own challenges. Nipple shields, hungry boys, prematurity, night feedings, mastitis, allergies and just difficulty latching. You would think by the fourth baby, breastfeeding would be a piece of cake but I still needed to go to a lactation consultant. Gabe absolutely refused to feed on my left side or it was just too darn painful.

Many people told me that I could eat whatever I wanted when I breastfed. Even the homeopath told me to continue on with the milk products. I would love to invite the people that said that and doctor's into my home after I had any milk products for them to see and hear how irritable my babies were. The sleep deprivation became absolutely no sleep not spotty broken sleep. It just wasn't worth it!

The dermatologist tried to convince me that Jack's skin rash was not affected by my diet. He told me several times that diet does not cause eczema. But every time Jack or I had oats, his eczema flared up!

After one of the doctor's appointments for Jack's skin, we got another expensive prescription for a skin cream. I drove to a pharmacy not even five minutes away from the doctor's office and then I went to get the kids out of the car. Jack's face was full of blood from scratching it. There was so much blood on his face that I gasped. I couldn't even fill the prescription. I had to take him home to clean him up.

When people ask me if I have given up more than I expected when I became a mother I would say absolutely yes! Nearly three years and five months of my life I have given up milk products. It's probably better for me but when things are rough sometimes we as human beings seek out foods that bring us comfort. What? Us? No way! Oh how I long for a frappuccino.

So why don't I quit breastfeeding? Because the alternative is a very expensive formula! Unfortunately formulas are not covered by Blue Cross. And why not? It's not like I am choosing to use a different formula for the trendiness of that formula. It truly is for the health of my child. Why aren't they covered like prescriptions? Blue Cross is just cheap!

You know that ambulance that Gabe and I rode in going to the hospital after Gabe's speedy entrance into the world? Well I am very sad to say that my Human Resources failed to send me the form to add Gabe to my benefits and I overlooked the fact that we would be charged for two ambulances. And conveniently or inconveniently (depending on how you look at it) the bill didn't arrive for five months for Gabe's ambulance ride....$361. And unfortunately we only had one month to add Gabe to our benefits to have that bill covered. Even though I already had family benefits and the charge for Gabe being added to our benefits wouldn't have cost any more. So of course that was a $361 mistake. If only there was a way to turn back the clock.