Today I was walking down the street to pick up my daughter from the bus stop. It just struck me as kind of funny that I have hardly talked to two women that also go and pick up their daughters at the same time. By funny I don't mean funny ha ha but funny strange. Actually really sad considering that our three daughters are inseparable in the classroom. At least I have the excuse that I am not the parent that usually picks up Maddie at lunch time. And in the wintertime we are often in our warm vehicles until the bus arrives. I know, I know. Excuses. Excuses.

At my most recent parent teacher interview I was told that a couple of the girls went into the bathroom and were turning off the lights on each other. They were screaming and getting into trouble all the while the two teachers were stifling their grins. These three girls sure are good friends. Maddie was even doing her work quickly just so she could maximize the amount of time they could play with each other.

Can I hide behind the fact that I am an introvert? It takes a considerable amount of effort for me to talk to someone and obviously the other women have the same amount of difficulty. I just feel really sad for our girls. We can still plan the play dates for our girls and we, the parents, don't necessarily need to be best buds. But if it inhibits them from playing together then there is obviously a problem.

I don't even know the women's names. So I ask myself...if it is obviously hard for all of us, wouldn't our lives be so much richer if one of us broke the ice and just started talking?

Today I started talking to one of the women about the weather. Not the most enriching conversation but it's a start anyways. I will keep you posted.