Memories of Easter

As we near Easter, I am reminded of the last Easter I spent with my mom. Dave went to his parents to visit but I didn't feel right leaving my mom alone.

On Easter weekend, she told me that she wanted to die. Well, that was almost more than I could take. I was working a lot, picking up my mom's supplies for her tube feeding and feeling really sorry for myself. I just thought I was too young to be dealing with this.

So she was agreeable to go into the emergency room to talk to someone. Well, that sure was a bad decision. We sat in the emergency room for nine hours. Then they didn't even want to hear my concerns? Oh was I annoyed. And then after nine hours, we were just sent home. No support and just accepting this as normal. Not fair!

Not the greatest Easter. I didn't even make it to church. I was really hoping to get my mom to church that weekend but it just didn't happen.

Within the next week my mom's feeding tube fell out. Dave walked upstairs and saw the tube lying on the floor. My mom was in the living room and wondering what to do. Dave called me at work so I called the appropriate clinic in the hospital and she needed to come in right away to have it reinserted. The abdomen is a very vascular area, meaning that there is a lot of blood flow to the area and so the hole can close up really quickly. Dave called his friend Dimitrio and that is how they brought her into the hospital.

Unfortunately it had been too long since the tube had fallen out. The hole closed up so they had to admit her into the hospital. I look at this time as the beginning of the end.