Comedy of Errors

Went to the airport Friday morning and you would think that I had never flown before. Prior to going to the airport I checked in online. Do I need to get three luggage tags online or just two? I wanted to take the stroller to the gate so I didn't know if that was part of the count for luggage or separate. Sheesh!

Then when I finally got to the airport I didn't know if I needed to go to a different kiosk for getting the baggage tags or the same as the regular check in. There were several West Jet employees around helping other customers but as soon as it was my turn they seemed to disappear. I found another employee to ask and they practically did everything for me. Kind of makes you wonder if these kiosks help them save any money? Anyways, I am very grateful there was some assistance for the poor and pathetic single woman asking for assistance.

Then I forgot to drop my baggage off. I guess I was thinking that I needed to go through security with my bags. No Ann you are not leaving Canada! What was wrong with me? I guess it has been awhile since I had flown.

Then I was heading in the wrong direction towards the gates but only gates A, B and C were that direction but I really needed D. Oh brother!

I wanted a drink so badly so I found a drink machine. I knew that they would offer us drinks on the plane but I had been so busy at home prior to leaving that I didn't even have a drink. This breastfeeding mama needs a drink and a lot to drink. But wouldn't you know it, it wouldn't accept my toonie. Thankfully my day wasn't quite as bad as the person before using that drink machine. The person before me lost their toonie and I happened to find it in the change dispenser. Yippee for me!

I got through security just fine, went directly to boarding because I missed pre-boarding and I found our seat. Hallelujah we made it to our plane and I'm going to Winnipeg and yes I am thrilled about it. Now I can relax.