Striving For Normalcy

After grade thirteen, I debated between Manitoba and BC. I just needed to get away. I know sometimes the further the better but I chose Manitoba for other valid reasons. Manitoba would have cheaper flights since it was only one province over from Ontario. I still wanted to be able to go home and see my mom. But I wanted to escape the oppressiveness.

The irony is that southern Ontario is overcast and gloomy where as Manitoba has a big sky because the terrain is so flat and so sunny. Welcome to friendly Manitoba.

Going to Manitoba was the best decision of my life. No one knew me and no one knew my family so I had a fresh start. I went to bible school there and made some amazing friends. It was a small school in a small town. It was really safe and a really good place to start over. Welcome world!

It was quite the culture shock returning to Ontario. Manitoba was like my bubble. Ontario was like a harsh reality. I went home at Christmas and I stayed in Toronto with my brother. Have I mentioned that Chris is gay? That is an entirely different story that I will not get into at this time.

I liked Manitoba so much that I even stayed there until I decided what I wanted to do when I grew up.