Autism From Day to Day

So I have discovered a great peer group for Zach and it has absolutely made my year. There is a group called the Autism and Aspergers Friendship Society. This group was started by families with children on the autism spectrum. They recognized that day camps or groups for typical children and for special needs children are not always appropriate for children with autism.

Our social worker with Family Supports for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) told me about it. The funding we get for respite covers the supervision for our children and then we pay for the actual activity.

Zach's first activity (a train show) was this past Sunday and it was absolutely fabulous. Zach met a friend and he stated that it was the best day of his entire life. He was in absolute glory when he saw a ton of Lego and all of the trains.

It is truly amazing how these kids have so much in common. The social pressures are removed and they still get the much needed social interaction. Yeah.

This coming week there is a slumber party. They also have swimming outings, gymnastics, bowling, youtube nights, make videos and will do other things our children request. I would recommend this group to families with children that have autism and need that social interaction. I could not be happier for Zach.

Kind of sad that we have to pay for the friendships but definitely worthwhile!