Chicken or Egg?

What comes first the chicken or the egg?

No, I'm not seriously talking about the chicken or the egg. But kind of like the same idea with gut issues and bad behaviour. What comes first the gut issues or the bad behaviour?

Have you ever heard the idea of the gut being the second brain? Well, if there are problems with the gut or absorption of well needed nutrients the brain can be starved of those well needed nutrients. And if there is malabsorption of nutrients, there can be a ton of bad behaviour.

For Jack example....from day one there were gut issues, dietary concerns and allergies. If Jack was exposed to an allergen, he would scream from gut pain likely from a whole lot of inflammation.

Nowadays something is bothering his gut so he doesn't want to eat, doesn't sleep well and he is humping and humping and humping some more. Unfortunately with his speech delay he cannot tell us what is going on. But children at this age cannot really even tell their parents what is bothering them all the time.

Yes, we have talked to a doctor and our pediatrician but we are sloughed off because they presume the humping thing is just a sexual thing and a normal childhood thing. But it is not just a childhood thing, he stopped for about a month and a half and then the behaviour started again. It is always related to his tummy hurting and whenever he refuses to eat and therefore not sleeping.

So I have decided to go back to the doctor and make Jack's problems more about me. With Jack not sleeping, I'm not sleeping and with the sleep deprivation, I'm starting to have heart palpitations. My own health is starting to fail.

So Jack gets special funding for his severe speech delay. I have been reassured by his teacher and the psychometrist that he will likely qualify for funding for next year. Well, Jack did way better with his speech assessment than they both thought. Surprise surprise! So he will qualify for funding but not as much. Now the psychometrist is stepping in early for the psychology assessments. Initially, they were going to wait until he was slightly older to do the assessments but now they are fighting for his funding so they had to do the assessments now. Lets face it there are tests that are more appropriate for a four year old than even a three year old.

My husband and I have been thinking that Jack may have ADHD. They don't diagnose for ADHD at age three but he is certainly showing signs. We will keep you posted.

So with Jack is it his behaviour that is the problem or is it truly his gut?