Montezuma's Revenge

Does Montezuma's revenge just occur after travel. Does traveling to Winnipeg count? Oh but I wouldn't want anything like that to be associated with Winnipeg. It started five days later so I really don't think that it was related to that. However I did take an unexpected trip to the Children's Hospital.

I woke up with a gurgling sensation in my stomach. Than I raced to the bathroom and was surprised that there was only a tiny amount. Whew what a relief! If only I could say that was it!

Well I will spare you the gory details but I think I spent more time in the bathroom than for Gabe's entire delivery. I know I know that wasn't very long, I'm talking about the delivery but it was a significant amount of time.

And should I say Niagara Falls. Wow! Who knew that it could run with such force? Well I looked it up and it is 28 feet.

How many feet of bowel is there anyways? Well I think that every inch of my bowel was cleansed. Who needs to be cleansed?

I was quite relieved that it only lasted twenty-four hours. But to my sadness it returned twenty-four hours later and was worse than ever. Oh my goodness. I think something in me had died and needed to get out as quickly as possible.

So here I am twenty-four hours later and terrified that Montezuma's revenge will return yet again. And Montezuma.... Please spare the children.