Nanny 911

Dave's parents and my dad and his wife aren't in Calgary so we are lacking natural babysitters. Besides, grandparents are not always natural babysitters anyways. Just because they are given the title, doesn't make them the doting type. So often I wish for the family support to give Dave and I the break we so desperately need.

So what do we do? I started to think about a nanny for a weekend to allow Dave and I the opportunity to escape for a weekend this summer for our ten year wedding anniversary. That would be incredibly rejuvenating and so long overdue.

Then I started to dream about a nanny a couple days a week to help us out a little. Stress is very real and not good for any of us including our children. We were thinking about a psychological assessment for Jack but all we need is an extra set of hands to allow Dave and I to have some breathing space.

Breathing space to take a day off for myself. Or a day with one of the kids for good one-on-one time. Help with supper meals or laundry or just allowing us to catch a nap if it was a horrific night.

But then the extra stressor is the cost. So do you deal with the extra stress of not getting the down time or the extra stress of the cost? Which has the long term benefit and does that truly outweigh the cost?

Know when to ask for help right? Well this is our way of taking things into our own hands and getting the help that we need. Hallelujah!

So now we start the search for the right fit for our family. A person that is fun loving, patient and likes to play. A person that is okay dealing with this chaos that we call life. A person that is open and flexible and hopefully able to bring more sanity. Please give us some relief to the sanity.